Thursday, 27 March 2008

Dedicated to team

Well this post exclusively is dedicated to the team mates kunal, kartik. and sanky for all the support you have provided me. Evidently now that it comes on my birthday so let it be my return gift to you all for the support you have given me all the time.

Thankyou kunal for reaffirming the fact that two rugged, ruined ,"indianish" thinkers added means more more discussions & no output but potentially high output in future (the theory of hope confirms this fact).

Thankyou kartik for coming back to us after your ******* stint. You have always made me realise my importance to IMC and always supporting the best alternative, i am sure ur potential with numbers will make us ENRON one day(minus the breakdown).

Thankyou sankalp for being the best friend i had always wanted .always had wanted you to realise that we(imc) are totally inseperable for the critique in you will always keep us grounded and for making us aware of the crude reality and personaly for getting the best of me.And for reasons untold i do envy you.

So let us get on with it and take a resolution to be "the implementers".

And i really liked the winnie , i know it resembles me but dunno in what sense.

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Kartik said...

cheers dude...!!! :D

all hail IMC

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